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from finding inspiration to how I started as a designer, we cover it all

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The Trailblazers Series

Downtown Los Angeles Collection

Amanda James was featured in Voyage LA as apart of the Trailblazers Series in the Downtown Los Angeles Collection. From finding inspiration, to how I started as a designer, we cover it all.

On the transformation from first falling in love with design, to where I am today,

“My first design memory is haphazardly gluing together clothes for my barbies, eager to transform old doilies into fashion looks for my dolls. Now I design custom bridalwear & most recently had a gown worn to the Grammys”

On being addicted to the feeling of inspiration hitting,

“As cheesy as it sounds, I loved the feeling of being inspired. The moment you feel sparked by a color or silhouette or layers of texture, and then transforming those elements into something new. Whether it be via mood board or by taking an old tablecloth and designing a dress out of it! I loved concepting and creating, whatever the medium.”

We chat about textile design, traveling the world and how designing directly with the mills who produce lace, jacquard and hand beading, was essential to building the brand I have today,

“There were few limitations to what I was able to concept and what we could materialize, from the weaving down to the actual dress.”

And most importantly, we chat about problem solving and creative breakthroughs,

“An illustration teacher once taught me a trick to drawing from photos or reference pictures. She recommended turning the reference picture upside down. This allows our eye to see what shape, a tree with leaves for example, actually is and not the shapes and shadows our minds misremember. I use this same idea in my life all the time. When I am in the design room, I try dresses on backward, I cut sleeves off, I layer styles, anything that allows me to see the shape in a new way. When I change my perspective, usually a fresh idea emerges.

Understanding how your personal creative process gets a jump start takes time and diligence. Honing in on how my brain is activated has helped me do my best work creatively and personally.”

Read the full article below! A big thanks again to the Voyage LA team!

photographer - SimoN Blanc  @simonblancphoto

photographer - SimoN Blanc @simonblancphoto