Who What Wear & Amanda James

Bridal Shopping TipS & Advice

Judith Jones of Who What Wear and I exchange words of wisdom for finding your dream dress through the journey of Judith finding hers. Here are the takeaways!

Try on a variety of shapes and textures! Pinterest is an inspiring rabbit hole of lace and tulle. Pin to your hearts content but be open to trying on other styles and looks.

As I mention in the article, most of us don’t get to wear gowns like these on the regular and are often surprised by what we actually like on ourselves versus our favorite pins. I agree with Judith when she says,

“It’s good to know what you want, but being flexible is key.”

Consider who you bring to fittings and appointments.

“Don’t bring a large entourage to your bridal appointment. Too many conflicting thoughts and opinions could potentially upset and overwhelm you. Stick with a few of your most supportive and encouraging friends and family

says Jones, and I totally agree.

Narrow in on a select handful of favorite styles from a few boutiques. As Jones recalls,

“By sampling too many gowns, I inevitably forgot the things I loved most about the dream style I originally wanted. I doubted myself and got way too confused. A piece of advice: When you find the dream dress you love, buy it! Be proud of your choice, and then stop shopping. It will only make you nuts.”

The custom dress process is exciting and rewarding experience, but know what you are getting into. As Jones learned,

“This process, however, is not for the indecisive. A custom dress takes time, patience, a clear vision, a lot of decision making, and countless fittings until you procure your dream gown.”

Be ready for the ride!

Remember to wear nude underwear and bring some heels. You might as well make the pictures as pretty and distraction-free as possible!

Thank you to Judith Jones & Who What Wear for this interview! You can read the full article below.